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Chokes and Warbles, a book of easily swallowed essays and poems by Michael Channing
Chokes and Warbles
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Let's freeze this moment and look around at what we would otherwise miss. It's all unraveling, you know. Not even the heavens will stay put.
Scraps, a book of frightening poems by Michael Channing
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Nothing is safe, not rainbows, not god, not the lonely girl that everyone picks on, and certainly not clowns.
Self-Righteous Self-Harm, a book of self-righteous poems by Michael Channing
Self-Righteous Self-Harm
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There's something attractive about suffering in a spotlight.
Vestigial, a book of frightened poems,  by Michael Channing
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A magic labrynth that will turn and turn like a fingerprint.
1000 Ways to Write, a book of a thousand poems, or maybe just one by Michael Channing
1000 Ways to Write
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I still hold this music made of sweat and sleepless, desperate youth as my anthem.

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