Anything can harm you, and nothing is safe, not rainbows, not god, not the lonely girl that everyone picks on, and certainly not clowns. Within these 26 poems you'll witness the earth end in several ways, and also learn the singular torment of losing your family or losing control of your own body. 26 stories told in a multitude of styles and voices, these scraps of darkness may not take much time to consume, but they will linger.

Scraps is available as a download or physical paperback from Amazon.

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Scraps, a book of horror poems by Michael Channing

A is for Absolute Zero

It wasn’t an industrial accident.
Wasn’t the chest to chest thump of warring powers
that brought the earth to an end with a final
unheard ah-whoom.
It was the ruined heart of a young girl
betrayed then healed rebroken and splinted
made hollow to warehouse the whispers of others
tricked into caring punished for believing
violated and shamed for showing hurt.
It was her simple little heart
that listened to our lessons
shed its heat and in turn
taught the world what it learned.

S is for Smile

“Only us clowns know the secret,” he said.
“Smiling keeps the gravity on. Smiles makes the sun work.
We do our part to keep this whole shebang
whirligiging around, and it’s just so incredibly exhausting.
But the thing is, you don’t have to mean it.
You just have to smile.”
He was quick
with his blade.
And precise.

Y is for You

That feeling you’ve done this before:
That’s the walls between worlds wearing thin
the otherwheres with other yous shining through the holes.
When this feeling shivers through you
pause for a moment and think: Of the lives briefly connected
which is better?
Which opposing you deserves it?
And which of you is willing to kill?

Get your copy and lower the lights (where applicable).

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