This Weekend by Michael Channing

This Weekend

by Michael Channing

i will do everything
i will plant my flag at the peak
of fafnir's spine
i will ask god why
the world and--dammit--
get an answer
i will drink fire
juggle water
i will watch a movie
projected onto the naked breasts of ann-margret
having built a time machine
and snatched her from elvis before he could
ruin her for the rest of us
then i'll give said time machine
to my mom who'll have no idea
what to do with it
she'll probably leave the lights on
overnight and kill the battery

i've been meaning to pontificate
and this weekend i will

i will write
a poem so good it will make you
i will come so hard you will write a poem
i will raise an invisible army
and annex the moon
i will sit on a throne of solid gold
and i will recite the section about
jellybeans from repent harlequin, said the tictockman
until all below me admit
it is the finest piece of prose
not written by me
so don't come calling this weekend
my phones will all be melted
my doors will all be dumb
i won't be home anyway
i have plans

Keep Busy to Keep from Dying

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