Rock and Roll Haiku by Michael Channing

Rock-and-Roll Haiku

by Michael Channing

"No one understands
How hard it is to be me,"
Mick told his chauffeur

I am listening
To Kraftwerk, dancing inside,
Not moving at all

Guitars do not weep
Which is probably why mine's
Now in therapy

Without the makeup
Or the costumes and fake blood
They just don't sound right

Rock stars do know best
So listen to everything
Kurt Cobain mumbles

We once picketed,
Fists high with this song playing.
Now it's in beer ads

All the girls swooned for
A guy who could play guitar.
I took up the bass

Despite what all songs
Insist within their verses,
Girl and world don't rhyme

That first perfect song
Threw open my mind and heart
Still echoes inside

Out in the garage
Broken speaker and ten strings
Planning our world tour

Alone in my room
Boom box cranked to eleven
No one hears me cry

Long Live Rock

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