Quiet Little Ruckus, a poem by Michael Channing

Quiet Little Ruckus

by Michael Channing

finally got around to raising that ruckus
took me long enough am i right
you were the noisy one
back in the day
the rowdy one mom looked at slantwise
i was the one you came to stash your gin
hold onto this box you told me
and don’t dare open it
and you got it back tape intact remember
i mean
you had your ruckus
now you got money in your mouth
and i didn’t think you’d be all that interested in mine
we’re different now you and me
we bow to separate currencies
so i had my private quiet little ruckus
and i only dropped by to tell you
i never did
peek inside that box
i was never even tempted
because i knew all along

it was empty

One Close One Far Away

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