Orion, a poem by Michael Channing


by Michael Channing

i carry you out into the cold
wrapped in a blanket for the final ritual
of bedtime avoidance
maybe i should keep as quiet
as the church grass but i can’t
help but point out the only stars i really know
do you see the shape
his shoulders
his arm his bow
follow the tic-tac-toe of his belt
that’s his dog that bright one right there
the dog doesn’t want him to leave
it’s pulling at his foot
come play with me
throw a stick throw a ball
but he always leaves
why you say
he’s a hunter he has to get food
for his family
he’d stay if he could and play all day
but he can’t
can i get a dog you say
one day are you ready to go in
you put your head on my shoulder
i squeeze you tightly
and for a moment we are the same person
though different dots of warmth
against the sky
goodnight little one i’ll see you tomorrow
when i get back

A Mysterious, Invisible Force

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