Nothing Wrong by Michael Channing

Nothing Wrong

by Michael Channing

it was a weather balloon
a cloud
a sundog
it was a piece of lint caught in the corner of your eye
you dreamed it
you had too much to drink
not enough to eat
you were overtired
and under the influence of something you wouldn't want your mother to hear about
so maybe it would be in your best interest to just

some very prominent zoologists assure me
that now is the peak mating season for the
lithobates catesbeianus also known as
the american bullfrog
astronomers and meteorologists are hard at work
even as i speak
to find a perfectly good explanation
for the rain of blood

everything is fine, and nothing is wrong
no one is angry at us
go about your business and know
that the distant
yet rising
sound of hoofbeats is perfectly natural
and should in no way impede
your normal daily routine

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