Like Button by Michael Channing

Like Button

by Michael Channing

if we were living back in the day
the very best i could hope would be
for the president to mention my name in a fireside chat before moving on to the day's disasters
for groucho to speak of me in passing between eyebrow waggles
something i wrote would telephone its way into daffy duck’s voice
an upstart crooner would pin my words to a million ladies’ gushing hearts
at the very least i would warrant a string of roadside burma-shave signs
but all i have is the digital reassurance that
somewhere in the world a complete stranger
found me by accident and
managed to remain undistracted long enough
to propel their index finger downward one millimeter
but oh the rush of accomplishment that comes with that click
go on
press it now
think of it as a friendly wave between pals
a lifeline to a drowning man
a deal between pusher and junkie
i need
need your electronic approval
if that counter doesn't tick upward sometime
i’ll have to do it myself

Tell Me that You Like Me

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