Indifferent Sky by Michael Channing

Indifferent Sky

by Michael Channing

the stars don't want your wishes
dandelions would just as well scatter
without the additional burden of your desire
your eyelashes and birthday smoke
fetch nothing from an indifferent sky
there is no entity keeping tally of your mirror expenditures
and wayward grains of salt
no devils dancing on pins and needles
at the sign of a sniffle
go about your day without the chants and charms
settle into sleep but skip the normal knee-bound preparations
and in the morning you'll find the world
just as it was
when the traffic flows quickly and you mosey in early
when the weather is perfect and the parking is easy
when your work tasks are light even for a friday
and the boss takes everyone out to lunch
when the songs driving home all sound like your youth
and you stop on the way for a drink with a friend
you go home and do nothing for as long as you're able
and the sunset is golden like a christmas ribbon
you'll have every reason to be thankful
but no one to thank

And the Stars Look Down

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