Game On by Michael Channing

Game On

by Michael Channing

The devil deals
from the bottom of the deck,
all the sixes up his sleeve.
The dice drop nothing
but eyes,
and the bones of your back
kiss the cold hard skin of
the eight ball.

In your own life
you're just visiting.
The rent's due.
Your ship is sunk.
Your creditors have declared a war.
The best you can hope for
is a zero sum.

The wheel rolls right
over you.
Rules rearrange to hand you
that whammy every time.
You bet your life and broke the bank,
and now you’re in constant
danger of cancellation.

You've only one recourse
when the odds are against you
and even the evens
are never in your favor:
Double down,
buckle up,
and game on.

Games With the Occasional Frontier

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