Eleven Haiku for Ella by Michael Channing

Eleven Haiku for Ella

by Michael Channing

How can a perfect
stranger come into your life
and hijack your heart?

As the nurse bathed you,
rinsing off the blood, you howled,
clutching the faucet.

The night you came home,
Paris wept in a haze of blue.
We wrapped you in white.

The rhythm and bounce
of rocking you back to sleep
is breaking us down.

You were up all night.
We measured the hours in
washcloths and vomit.

Your mom doesn't sleep.
I'm pretty sure she's jealous
Of the both of us.

Bottles and nipples
all washed and arranged in rows:
Now dirty again.

Another long night,
worry in my dreams and you
asleep on my chest.

Raise the window shade,
say hello to the green world.
The world stands amazed.

I give you my songs,
my poems, my hopes and dreams:
I hope you like them.

Your two tiny hands,
in time, will do and make more
than those that hold you.

Kids Are Alright

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