Drugs I Could Never Say No To, a poem by Michael Channing

Drugs I Could Never Say No To

by Michael Channing

girlfriend got me hooked in my thirties though
i'd tried it a few times in my youth
now i drink everyday
at work
at home
i drink and drive carry mints to mask the taste
i get the shakes if i go too long without
and i always drink alone

Video Games
i’ve told myself the lie again and again
they were a youthful dalliance
but who am i kidding
nintendo put a hole in my phone
and i can fall out of reality any time i need
and refill my flagging 8-bit heart

i see my old traveling buddies
abandoned and jackstrawed on a shelf
they invite me out and i would
if i wasn’t scheduled to be at the stove at seven
the sink at nine asleep at eleven
up and gone a few hours later
i’d accept but that would end
in a drunken binge at barnes and noble
a couple dozen strangers piled on the bed
so we meet, my old pals and i
for lunch at work and we talk about the old days
the used-to-be better days when life was a dream
and dreaming was my only aspiration

Fear and Lothing and Books

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Chokes and Warbles
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November 30, 2018