Block by Michael Channing


by Michael Channing

some days are too dark
to pull the words out of your head
and against the eventual ending
of everything who can blame you
for failing to try?
you leave all the pages empty
the ink unspent
which of course makes the next day
just as bad if not worse
the universe dies an atom at a time
as winter moves a few minutes
from the day column to the night
and you end and begin
every day in silence
till eventually the sadness
just dries up
you're no longer depressed
you're simply alive
and you think
i'm ready
you say it to yourself in the shower
i'm ready
you unbox the unfinished stories
you put away in the fall
and sit down to do
what you always knew
you had to do
you forget what it was like
not to be you
all you can remember is now

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