Anthology by Michael Channing


by Michael Channing

poor aurora
like a sunflower heavy with lovely
bent by the weight of her own light

jack tight
as a vine twining thrice
like a beautiful blooming vice
flagrant with flaws you forgive
for the fragrance

johnny jumped up
jinking loud and bright
burning day to night
till his petals fall fluttering to
join the jilted exclamations in the dirt

rose is a rose
watered with tears
she fears a drought so conjures up torments
tortures and pain
and her perfect lonely desert runs ravage with rain

michael simple as the grass and just
as green spread random and thin
talking tongues when the wind
deems to visit by chance
and waiting for someone to sculpt him

A Garden to Nurture and Protect

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing