Nerd Quiz Live! with Michael, Craig, and Colin

Nerd Quiz Live! is a live quiz show and podcast focused on nerdy and geeky topics. All shows are written and hosted by Michael Channing and produced by Craig Holcombe. Colin Keane is our resident villain.

Nerd Quiz Live! #7 - Oh, the Horror

Joining us for a quiz on horror movies are two fans of the genre, Derrick Whaley and Kat Crain. We have trivia on movie props and foreign titles, plus we mash up horror films with classic literature and play a car game inside. Stick around for the surprise ending.
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Nerd Quiz Live! #6 - Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Art Sturtevant joins forces with Craig to battle the evil Jordan Wilson and Colin in a show all about villains. Not to spoil it for anyone, but Colin meets his match.
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Nerd Quiz Live! #5 - A Trivia Villain Arises

With actual game show buzzers, we forge ahead into new teritory. Joining us this time around are members of Alchemy Improv, Harrison Brookie and Jason Underwood. They quickly dub Colin the villain of Nerd Quiz Live!
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Nerd Quiz Live! #4

This is the episode where we mock Colin for being unable to keep calm in the face of trivia. Colin's brother (and ballet dancer!) Dylan Keane and comedian Andrew Van join us in taunting his frustration.
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Nerd Quiz Live! #3 - live at GeekOut 2015

Here we are from The Twisted Laurel in Asheville, NC! We were glad to be part of GeekOut Con 2015. This month's panellists are: Amanda Holcombe, Colin Keane, Ben Atkins, and Craig Holcombe. We recorded this outdoors so please forgive any audio issues. Apparently, it's hard to record on the corner of the street. Who knew?
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Nerd Quiz Live! #2

This is our music episode. We play "Name that Tune" and mash up musicians with movie titles. Comedian Lydia Curry and photographer/DJ/force of nature Alrinthea Carter along with usual roustabout Craig Holcombe.
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Nerd Quiz Live! #1

Here is the first episode of Nerd Quiz Live!, our Valentines show. This episode's panellists are Andrew Cummins, Amanda Holcombe, Craig Holcombe and Courtney Steadman. It's couple versus couple. Loser has to break up.
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