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by Michael Channing

further into the woods
chasing that glittering glow
my pockets are full
with only my hands
and i'm leaving behind all i know

dear mother how are you
i'm doing fine thank you
for the money you wired last week
wichita's freezing
but peoria's calling
i'm finally on a winning streak

further into the woods
chasing that promising glow
my guides along the way
are often lost themselves
they tell me where i shouldn't go

i'm building my fire from
the flames that have warmed me
many are willing to share
my heroes are my size
when standing before me
till now seen only from afar

further into the woods
chasing that lingering glow
alone but not lonely
face-time and wi-fi
you’re near me wherever i go

don’t forget us when you’re famous
my friends like to tell me
as if i could do any such thing
forgive me if i fail
and stumble back home
my heart and my pride in a sling

further into the woods
chasing that flickering glow
i carry you with me
my armor my compass
the fuel for my fire
my shelter my atlas
the reason i wonder
and keep going further from home
you gave me permission to go
chasing that glow

chasing that flickering glow

Liner Notes

I wrote the first draft of this song on lunch break from work. I was beginning to feel my dreams were drifting further and further from my reach. It's a song about failure. Reaching and missing. Getting lost. I didn't like it. I rewrote half of it, tried to inject some positivity. I have friends who've been out on the road, and it can be a hard time, but there is greatness to find, and there is no such thing as going it completely alone, not these days. I struggled for weeks to finish this song, and, honestly, I'm glad to have it behind me. All I might have had, what I could have been. I don't like looking into that dark mirror. I don't like it all.

Chasing that Promising Glow

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