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When the Ravens Took Flight

Michael Channing

it was just after dusk
when we left from our house
and drove out over the tracks
i tried to contain
my tears and my prayers
as daddy drove toward his fix
i had broken so quickly
and i cried out of shame
though i tried to be more than a kid
he beat me with words
soft as a bat
and i told him where mommy's money was hid
i threw my prayers
up toward the sky
toward what stars i could see
but jesus christ's love
like daddy's hungry blood
held no warmth for me

then the car slowed down
and the ghouls gathered 'round
when the ravens took flight
they sold him his choice
of death and my father
became one of them that night
he knew them by name
and god, i'm sure, was laughing

and that's how the walking dead took my daddy from me

When the Ravens Took Flight

God, I'm Sure, Was Laughing

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