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The Changing Land

Michael Channing

every war
another temple rises
in the cloud
another battle lost
across the lawn
a new religion rages
victims of
the dice we have tossed

little one
you are luckier than me right now
you have no
transgressions to live down
should the world agree to let you reach my age
here's the one
truth that I have found
when the gods
that i built you
inevitably rust
you’re allowed
to deny them
your prayers and your trust

every day
the ground shifts below me
every hour
another fire blooms
close my eyes
another thread unravels
clutch my heart
a new decision looms

little one
you are stronger than i can be right now
you have no
memories to burn
should the gods agree to let you reach my age
here's the one
thing i hope you'll learn
when the world
that i give you
inevitably breaks
you're allowed
to replace it
with anything you make

The Changing Land

Changes Aren’t Permanent – But Change Is

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Chokes and Warbles
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October 9, 2020