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Gods of a Lesser Hell

Michael Channing

the boiling acid pools
river scarred by time
this ever-changing land
reflection of my mind
eons drove me mad
i remember only now
you can help me gain control
and i will tell you how

let me rage
let me thrash
let me burn until my thoughts all
crumble into ash
and i will rise
whole and well
if this is where i must dwell
let me own this hell

you remain
my only solid stone
here within
my sunken slurried throne
when we’re gone
no record of what we said
to the distant dying stars
we’re already dead

so let us rage
until it’s dark
let us burn until we dwindle down
to nothing but a spark
in the end
it’s just as well
if we must suffer where we fell
at least we’ll own our hell

Gods of a Lesser Hell

Spill Over Into Rage

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