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God Stuttered

Michael Channing

pulled from the warmth of my mother
sought to breathe was taught how to smother
wound up and set free to suffer
the moment i found you my lover
the world built wrong around me

became another

walled from the comfort of brothers
my darkest red secrets discovered
my rose-tinted lenses recolored
the moment you found me my lover
the world built crooked around me

became another

take this exit with me
to the forest i hid in the trees
in the center i buried a hole
dug in the shape of my soul
i'll fill it when i regain
my form my purpose and name
the first thing he ever uttered

god stuttered

God Stuttered

I Open Up My Fist

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing

October 2, 2020