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Brief Forevers

Michael Channing

all these little mortals with their
prayers and beseechings
who’s lies have you been listening to
what books have you been reading

none of us care for you
none of us will carry you
we didn’t put you on this earth
your mother died at birth

it’s funny when the pawns
think they run the game
it’s laughably naive when they
give each other names
a line of them recedes
into eternity
they pay to play
and replace themselves for free

all these brief forevers you
pledge your heart and soul
to a kingdom quickly conquered
by the worms inside your skull

none of us are hallowed by
your willingness to kill and die
but you still can have your use
we will stay amused

it’s funny when the pawns
think they write the rules
the pride in their puny wars
their weak and useless tools
there has been no pause
for all of history
they all crowd the board
but remove themselves for free

Brief Forevers

What a Lot of Dust We're Raising

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing

September 11, 2020