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by Michael Channing

the car – is breaking down
the fridge – is on the fritz
the job is still the job i took
when i was desperate
clench your fist
break and run
it's what my father would have done
so i won't

the rent – is two days late
my wife – is two weeks late
the house is not the home i hoped
would hold and keep us safe
lose control
blame the kid
it's what my father always did
so i don't

get fucked up
go lie down
the only way through
is out

get fucked up go lie down

Liner Notes

You promise yourself you won't be anything like your tyranical parent. You learned those negative lessons. You train your heart and purge your anger. You are light and love incarnate. Then the world piles an Atlas-level amount of pain and failure on your slim soul. Slowly, those promises you made start to bend.

When I play this song in my head, I hear the verses over a slow, plodding beat with weary vocals. Then the choruses have heavy, shredding guitar. Your basic quiet/loud dynamic. After the second chorus, there's an outro with heavy, crunchy riffs that differ each time I listen to it. The final chorus synchs up with the climax, and the song comes to a crushing conclusion. Of course, the musicbox in your head may supply a different arrangement.

A Man Must Test His Mettle

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing

April 27, 2018