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Pantheon of One

Michael Channing

for every fist that ever clinched but never swung
for every sharpened curse that died on the tongue
for every open heart left to bleed alone
i cast this stone

i call upon the tears of medea
i reach for the bow of diana
i ask for the blaze of hera’s rage
i see through medusa’s gaze

my voice comes from the thunder
my shadow from the moon
i eclipse your little world
i contain a multitude
the daughter of your raping
mother of your wounds
sister to the sirens
and the fires that consume

for every endless night in a burning bed
for every nail of doubt driven through your head
for all the wilted words, the anger ever stayed
i swing this blade

i’m sheltered by the shield of diana
cradled in the arms of victoria
friend to the shadows of hecate’s land
i reach out with kali’s hands

i see through medusa's gaze

Liner Notes

This one's a screamer. Angry and righteous with screeching Norse god guitars. I could see any of the goddess mentioned here hiring the dudes of Asgard as her session band. I'm also surprised Tina Turner hasn't done that already.

Becoming God-Size

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing

September 30, 2018