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The Last Good Day of a Long-Dead Year

by Michael Channing

The Last Good Day of a Long-Dead Year from Off Course by Michael Channing

i take off my mask and fold it
put it in my pocket there is
not much left to smile about
not much left to chase
but in this dying autumn light
the last good day of a long-dead year
i want the sun to fall full on my face

so i can laugh at god
the rusty hateful bastard
i will laugh at the last
joke he'll ever get over on me

i put on my mask and swallow
hoping that this time tomorrow
we'll be just as safe
we'll be just as sane
amid so much loss and so much ruin
one more prayer won’t do much good
and heaven’s long been locked in quarantine

so we laugh at god
the spiteful drunken bastard
we all laugh in his face
though left alone we’ve faith in our own strength

That Empty Feeling Inside

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