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Redistribution of Guilt

by Michael Channing

Redistribution of Guilt from Off Course by Michael Channing

they take whatever they want from you
they take whatever you got
they make whatever they want of you
if you like it or not
make you burn for the sins they say
the bill is due so you have to pay
someone to blame for the loss of hope
it's enough to drive you to end of their rope

redistribution of guilt
redistribution of guilt

they lean on you till you start to bend
they watch you bend till you break
they wag a judgmental finger at you
you’re not pulling your weight
erase the map and declare you lost
insert themselves in the fights you fought
they give you freedom to dream
they hold all that you dream of

redistribution of guilt
redistribution of guilt

imagine a balance scale
in equilibrium
on one side a stack of gold bricks
on the other
even steven

they give you nothing but gasoline
and act shocked at the fire
they give you books full of alternate facts
then call you a liar
they preach the glory of war
but hang a noose when you riot
wonder what they'll do when they hear
the deafening roar of your silence

redistribution of guilt
redistribution of guilt

Some Are Blessed and Some Are Cursed

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