Off Course album cover

i take off my mask and fold it
put it in my pocket there is
not much left to smile about
not much left to chase
a constant reminder
of long-buried secrets
i’ve been here longer than you
i’ve endured stronger than you
with anger and fear in every note played
three became one and a new god was made
cursed by his parents or his dreams
crushed by silence or by screams
everything is what it seems
no one called me back home
no one noticed i'd gone
they give you freedom to dream
they hold all that you dream of
in three month’s time i'll graduate
and trade in that scroll for a job
is there a cartographer in the house
there are people in the world
that poetry can't touch
don't let 'em touch you
they'll only stain your heart

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Chokes and Warbles
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