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More Like Them

by Michael Channing

i feel - i’ve done
not much of anything
i’m not - proud, i’m
just ashamed

i don’t - know what
drives me anymore
i let - go of
all my dreams

but i’ve seen my father explode
i watched my brother unfold
i thank the gods i could have been
more like them

my life - slips through
my fingers everyday
i grip - tight, but
cannot hold

whose face - is this
staring back at me
you went - and let your
self get old

i've seen by father dissolve
i watched my brother devolve
i curse the gods for i've become
just like them

i let go of all my dreams

Liner Notes

I feel I fit this song more and more as I get older. That hurts.

I've performed this a cappella a few times at open mics and readings. I normally try to include images in songs, but there are few here. The key to this song is the melody. It's written around two-syllable lines that flow into longer melodic lines. With the right inflection, it can be pretty emotional. I would so love to write music for these lyrics. The whole song feels raw and heavy.

Fathers and Sons

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