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New Suit Old Shoes

by Michael Channing

New Suit Old Shoes from If These Walls Could Hit Back by Michael Channing

the first time i died
i carried the ashes
to the river in an old tin can
said my goodbye and
flung him to the sky and
moved on to be a better man

succumb to pressure
release the anger
regret the anger
increase the pressure

the next time i died
i buried the body
in a new suit and old pair of shoes
put him in the ground then
burned the woods around him and
moved on to meet up with you

the best intentions
lead to nowhere
i'm leaving nowhere
with good intentions

the next time you die
i’ll meet you at the river
we’ll float our old vessels out to sea
let the waves enfold us
the currents remold us
till there’s little left of you and me

every ending
is a new beginning
now my beginning
can finally end

Rise From the Ashes

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