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Like Bones

by Michael Channing

Like Bones from If These Walls Could Hit Back by Michael Channing

stumble down the steps at 2 a.m.
heart fulla worms and a gut fulla gin
stomp like god till the light breaks in
stab the sun dead and do it again

rattle like bones in a drunken fist

left your home for the holy grail
came back with your dreams in a rusted pail
borrow a hammer and scrounge some nails
beat your heart into a crooked jail

rattle like bones in a drunken fist

when the cupboard is empty and every end missed
no one else sees the ghosts but still you insist
when the river runs dry and the eight ball is kissed
no soul to sell and a sutured wrist

just rattle like bones

You Sometimes Drive Me Crazy

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