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Hell and Holes

by Michael Channing

when everything goes to hell
and hell is where you lay your head
don't sleep too long
in the bottle, the street, or a stranger's bed
when the bucket is full of holes
and the whole world is filled with tears
don't stare too long
at a sunset, a grave, or a bathroom mirror
don't stay too long
in the cold and wet, wintry night
don't stray too far
from the dim and dwindling
front porch light
and if you go
wear a coat

when the wind it whispers and lies
and you lie alone in an open grave
don't weep too long
for an undead soul can still be saved
when the road is cold and hard
and you hardly know what town you're in
you won't wait too long
for a stranger's hand to call you in
you'll have a drink
and spread your blanket on the floor
try not to think
about who else slept here before
it wasn't you
this hell is new

Hell and Holes

Lost In Your Own Skin

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