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Fuck You

Michael Channing

fuck you for loving me
fuck you for making me feel safe
fuck you for this home
fuck you for finding me a place

without your lips on my mouth
i would have never known the texture of hate
without your arm around my waist
i would have never known consensual rape

fuck you
fuck you
fuck you

fuck you for calming me
fuck you for answering my call
fuck you for listening
fuck you for tearing down my wall

without your soft, padded words
i would have never leaned into your noose
without the lure of allied pain
i would have never thought to share the abuse

fuck you
fuck you
fuck you

fuck you for loving me

Liner Notes

This song has nearly, but not exactly, the same cadence as the one that starts the album. Same music, too, except while I envision the first with crunchy guitars and soft-spoken vocals, this one would have acoustic music with harsh, screamy or growly vocals.

I actually lost the original lyric sheet. Or maybe I never wrote it down in the first place. So I had to write a new song, with only the phrase "consensual rape" remaining in memory. I was surprised to find the songs don't have the exact syllable count though I had intended them to.

Brute Brute Heart

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Chokes and Warbles
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Chokes and Warbles, a collection of essays and poems by Michael Channing

October 5, 2018