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sick and slightly green Michael Channing

I stayed home from work sick the last few days, and Rainbow's been taking care of me. She makes an excellent nursemaid. She gave me lots of kisses to make me feel better, licking my face till I laughed. When my collection of used tissues began to pile up, she helped me clear them away. Once I ran out of tissues, she fetched me a handkerchief. Then, at the height of my fever, she put on a little play to help me fall asleep. I awoke to find she had baked cookies. They were crunchy and delicious. Being sick is never fun, but Rainbow made it as enjoyable as it could possibly be. Thanks, Rainy.

and now Rainbow's version of the story

Having my dad home for three straight days sure was interesting. All he ate was ice cream, and it got all over his face and caked in his beard. We played a fun game with wadded balls of paper. He'd throw 'em in a pile, and I'd hide 'em in a shoe or in Mommy's underwear drawer. One time a pair of Mommy's underwear got stuck on my claws, and I accidentally dragged it out to the living room. For some reason that made Daddy happy. Later, Daddy got really weird while he was watching TV. He kept pointing at me and laughing and saying things like, "You do good voices, Rainbow." Then he passed out on the couch, and I had to entertain myself for a while. I hunted and killed two cockroaches; at least I thought I killed them. They must have just been stunned. The extra attention was good, but I'm glad Daddy finally went back to work. His coughing and sneezing kept waking me up.

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