Bon Who?

by Michael Channing

One evening, I came home from work to find Connie jamming out to a song on YouTube. "What are you listening to?" I said.

"'Born to be My Baby' by Bon Jovi."

"Oh. I've never heard that one."

"You've never heard of Bon Jovi?"

"Of course I've heard of Bon Jovi. He sang that song about the guy who used to work on the dock. But then he got shot in the heart. By a cowboy. Or something."

"But you've never heard 'Born to Be My Baby'?"


And then there was thirty seconds of silence.

And then she said, "You've never heard 'Born to Be My Baby'?"


"You've seriously never heard that song?"





"No. Why?"

"Because they played that song like every half hour. Everybody heard that song."

"Let me show you something," I said. I went to my music rack and took down a CD.

"This is the first CD I ever owned."

The Best of the Art of Noise CD

"And this is the second."

Weird Al Yankovick's Greatest Hits CD

Another thirty seconds of silence, then she nodded, and went back to what she was doing.

Sometimes, I'm Not That Smart

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