Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil Music video for a song about sex, featuring heavenly and devilish delights from some of my favorite cartoons.
Nerd Quiz 20: Dads and Other Criminals
Nerd Quiz 20 It's Father's Day, sort of. First we see how the best and worst Literary Fathers are doing. Then a very special guest quizzes us on Criminals . Then we look at Fictional Advertising from actual movies and revisit some Video Games from 1995. After all, I was raised by video games and movies.
Box of Viruses Skype
Box of Skype I was in charge of setting up new computers at work. My coworker was apparently in charge of immediately ruining them.
Nerd Quiz 19: Fast Cars and Cool Kids
Nerd Quiz 19 Quick, hop in the Car. We got a lot to do. First we have to pick up the Kids from book club. Then we have to meet up with some famous Writers. Quiet down back there, or I won't let you Listen to Comic Books.
Reading Review: They Came From Outer Space
They Came From Outer Space anthology I take a look at an anthology called They Came From Outer Space. Not only does the book have some great science fiction short stories, but it changed my life in a significant way.
Nerd Quiz 18: Good For What Ails Ya
Nerd Quiz 18 Welcome to Nerd Quiz Trivia Clinic. First we consult on Fictional Diseases, then meet with a team of good and bad Doctors, identify some mysterious Movie Villains, and finally finish with a dose of NES Box Covers. See the nurse on the way out and hit Subscribe to schedule your next appointment.
Nerd Quiz 17: In the Company of Clowns
Nerd Quiz 17 It's Spring and time to clean your wheelhouse and see what you know about Literary Plants, Fictional Companies and their Logos, and finally visit with some Comedians to borrow a cup of jokes.
Nerd Quiz 16: Reading the Detectives
Nerd Quiz 16 Play some trivia while they're dragging the lake. Tell us what you know about Literary Detectives, Famous Frogs, Television Theme Songs, and Cartoon Characters. Test your deduction skills and your knowledge, which I hope is higher than elementary.
Nerd Quiz 15: Games Without Frontiers
Nerd Quiz 15 Nerdy trivia on Fictional Games, real Game Boards, fake Movie Bands, and real TV Commercials. Test along and play your knowledge.
Nerd Ramble: 15 Minutes of Oblivion
Nerd Ramble: 15 Minutes of Oblivion All the games I wished I could afford when I was young are now available for free. And all the free time I used to have is spent on being an adult.
Nerd Quiz 14: Careful With That Bat'leth, Eugene!
Nerd Quiz 14 Hikeeba! Nerd Quiz is sharp and fast with trivia questions about Weapons, Fictional Books, and Famous Voices. Are you up for the challenge?
Transformer Watch: Robots In and Out of Disguise
Transformer Watch I had a Transformer watch. I liked it because it wasn't just a robot in disguise, it was also a toy in disguise.
Nerd Quiz 13: Happy Life Day!
Nerd Quiz 13 Celebrate the season with twenty nerdy trivia questions on Fictional Animals and Holidays, Video Games, and Toys. Whatever holiday you subscribe to, I hope it's a happy one.
Nerd Ramble: I'm a Jerk
Nerd Ramble: I'm a Jerk In the seventh grade, I thought I knew everything, especially when it came to science fiction.
Nerd Quiz Episode 12: Back In Time
Nerd Quiz Episode 12 Twenty trivia questions on Fictional Transportation, Time Travel, Sound Effects, and a new game called Which Was First?
From the Ditch
From the Ditch She blends in well and no one knows her secret face but me.
Nerd Quiz Episode 11: In the Court of the King
Nerd Quiz Episode 11 Trivia on Stephen King, Mythological Monsters, Horror Movie Quotes, and Horror Movie Props. Isn't Stephen King the best, once in a while?
Back Then
And now you're here. Though the face you wore was brave, the empty war you tried to wage fell through.
Tell me that you like me. Aftershave and a brand new do; tell me that I'm handsome.
Jack is a lonely boy. Jack thinks to himself at night, when the darkness is all there is: One day soon, I will show you all.
Wish I Was There
Another scream exits her eyes. Another scream exits her eyes. And I wish I was there.
He finds the monsters on the screen easier to confront than the ones he was left in the care of. He finds the monsters on the screen easier to confront than the ones he was left in the care of.
Nerd Quiz Episode 10.5: Easy Being Green
Nerd Quiz Episode 10 Another special guest delivers five questions on everyone's favorite felt friends, the Muppets.
When the Ravens Took Flight
That's how the walking dead took my daddy from me. He knew them name, and God, I'm sure was laughing. And that's how the walking dead took my daddy from me.
Nerd Quiz Episode 10: Darkness on the Edge of Gotham
Nerd Quiz Episode 10 For our special 10th episode we have a special guest to read questions on Comic Books. Plus we have topics on Literary Mad Scientists and Movies from 1985 and 2004. Then I make my case for why the Batman television show is not as great as people like to remember.
Darth VaderDad
My fatherly role models are not good. With the prospect of becoming a father on the horizon, I wonder if I'll be any good at it. My fatherly role models are not good.
Time to put your old toys away. Come to see your dad, son, I've got some new games to play. Look at what I brought you; put your old toys away.
Make It Shine
I'm gonna wind it and make it shine. This clockwork heart embedded in me, though run down and rusted and missing its key, I'm gonna wind it and make it shine.
You Won't Come
Wait until she has walls of her own. You won't come inside. Wait until she has walls of her own. You won't come inside.
The world of her dreams is gold and green. The world of her dreams is gold and green, and the clouds rain glitter.
I wanted to be the knight on the horse. No one believes in heroes anymore, when heroes are easily killed.
Episode 9: We Can Be Heroes
Nerd Quiz Episode 9 This time around we travel to Fictional Places, talk D&D, listen to some Space Music, and line up the usual suspects of Video Game Bosses.
Episode 8: Help Me Ray Bradbury, You're My Only Hope
Nerd Quiz Episode 8 How much do you know about Book Series recurring characters, Ray Bradbury, Movie Adaptations, and TV Fictional Swear Words?
Episode 7: That Old Book Smell
Nerd Quiz Episode 7 First test your nerdly knowledge of Literary Opening Lines, Fictional AIs, Robots, and Sound Effects, then let's contemplate the greatness of used bookstores.
Episode 6: The Horror. The Horror.
Nerd Quiz Episode 6 A horror-themed trivia quiz on Literature, Monster Movie Posters, Horror Movie Quotes, and Halloween Potpourri.
Episode 5: The Good, the Bad, and the Parody
Nerd Quiz Episode 5 Test your knowledge of science fiction and fantasy Literary Opening Lines, Super Hero Sidekicks, Super Hero Parodies, and Video Game Villains.
Episode 4: Games
Nerd Quiz Episode 4 Science fiction and fantasy Literary Opening Lines, Magic: the Gathering, Board Game Pieces, and People Playing Games
Episode 3.5
Nerd Quiz Episode 3.5: Trilogies Quick five-question trivia quiz on science fiction and fantasy Trilogies.
Episode 3
Nerd Quiz Episode 3 Science and fiction Literary Opening Lines, Robots, Alan Moore, and Arcade Games.
Episode 2
Nerd Quiz Episode 2 Science fiction and fantasy Literary Opening Lines, Computer Acronyms, TV Theme Songs, NES Box Art.
Episode 1
Nerd Quiz Episode 1 Science fiction and fantasy Literary Opening Lines, MST3k, Video Game Deaths, Movie Posters.
(I Wish I Had) One Thing
You know what the secret to life is? I worry I may have too many things.
Live Forever
Don't fear the gathering storm. Keep your fingers crossed and a marble in your mouth, and live forever.
Honeysuckle Wine
What I miss is being six. Yesterday I had to choose, fix the car or pay the rent.
Speak No Smoke
You better fly, little fire. Steal down into a nest of leaves.
Is There a God?
Pentecostals are the holiest of rollers. I learned something valuable growing up Pentecostal: sleep is for the wicked. And the simple banana restored my faith in god.
My New Office
There's a cloud outside exactly like the cloud I saw yesterday. I work in a planned community/business park that's supposed to feel like a big city, but it's just a place to buy things. There's no soul here. I find ways to escape during my lunch hour at work.
Roadside Assistance
The worst calls to get were from Alaska. Once upon a time, I was a dispatcher for a roadside assistance company. Some calls were easier to deal with than others.
Joe's Garage
Still echoing. We were young, and everything had to be loud. That beautiful angry noise still echoes in my aging heart.
I Hate Doctor Who: A Shameful Confession
Worst special effects ever. I'm a nerd with a confession. I only know new Who.
My Granny held the firefly, and I waited for her to do magic. Catching fireflies in the backyard, waiting for my Granny to perform magic.
Comic Book Dilemma
Over on that side was a box of magazines my papa had collected. Torn between two stacks of magazines, a boy faces a tough decision and asks himself, "What would Batman do?"
Backyard Quest
I have a quest! Digging for treasure in the yard leads to harsh and painful truths.
Full Metal Alchemy
Look at what I made. One Christmas, I got the best present a science-nerd could get: a chemistry set. I then used science to prove I shouldn't be allowed to have a chemistry set.
Office Safari
your silly, smiling office safari host When the echo of the last phone call dies away, and the office goes dark, they come out to play.

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