Story Time

Box of Viruses Skype NEW
Box of Skype I was in charge of setting up new computers at work. My coworker was apparently in charge of immediately ruining them.
Reading Review: They Came From Outer Space
They Came From Outer Space anthology I take a look at an anthology called They Came From Outer Space. Not only does the book have some great science fiction short stories, but it changed my life in a significant way.
Transformer Watch: Robots In and Out of Disguise
Transformer Watch I had a Transformer watch. I liked it because it wasn't just a robot in disguise, it was also a toy in disguise.
(I Wish I Had) One Thing
You know what the secret to life is? I worry I may have too many things.
Roadside Assistance
The worst calls to get were from Alaska. Once upon a time, I was a dispatcher for a roadside assistance company. Some calls were easier to deal with than others.

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