Stand-up Comedy

Darth VaderDad
My fatherly role models are not good. With the prospect of becoming a father on the horizon, I wonder if I'll be any good at it. My fatherly role models are not good.
Is There a God?
Pentecostals are the holiest of rollers. I learned something valuable growing up Pentecostal: sleep is for the wicked. And the simple banana restored my faith in god.
I Hate Doctor Who: A Shameful Confession
Worst special effects ever. I'm a nerd with a confession. I only know new Who.
My Granny held the firefly, and I waited for her to do magic. Catching fireflies in the backyard, waiting for my Granny to perform magic.
Comic Book Dilemma
Over on that side was a box of magazines my papa had collected. Torn between two stacks of magazines, a boy faces a tough decision and asks himself, "What would Batman do?"
Backyard Quest
I have a quest! Digging for treasure in the yard leads to harsh and painful truths.
Full Metal Alchemy
Look at what I made. One Christmas, I got the best present a science-nerd could get: a chemistry set. I then used science to prove I shouldn't be allowed to have a chemistry set.

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