Saint Judas

Saint Judas album cover
Handsome Devil
Handsome Devil by Michael Channing
you're a handsome devil
and you make me wanna come
Better Than God
Better Than God by Michael Channing
fire is a better word than soul
kiss is a better word than prayer
forest is a better word than church
rain is a better word than god
Confused by Michael Channing
this is my life, and this is my job
sometimes i get them confused
Food for Flies
Food for Flies by Michael Channing
life is a mouthful of lies
you're nothing but food for the flies
the whole damn world is a bottle of piss
and i'd rather just pour it down the drain
Hell and Holes
Hell and Holes by Michael Channing
when everything goes to hell
and hell is where you lay your head
don't sleep too long
in the bottle, the street, or a stranger's bed
The Final Straw
The Final Straw by Michael Channing
i know i'm just dreaming
it's all in my mind
but you have your heaven
please let me have mine
Infinite Eyes
Infinite Eyes by Michael Channing
the waters rose as she reached the roof
touched her toes and she began to pray
Big Butter Jesus gathers souls
Big Butter Jesus welcomes the Void

Big Butter Jesus says it's fun to stay at the YMCA

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Chokes and Warbles
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