One of Us

One of Us album cover
Speak No Smoke
Speak No Smoke by Michael Channing
this town with their tongues
will wet you down heavy
and thump the dust from your wings
Honeysuckle Wine
Honeysuckle Wine by Michael Channing
i can still get drunk
on honeysuckle wine
but the ditch won't take me back
Live Forever
Live Forever by Michael Channing
hold tight to the tire swing
keep your fingers crossed
and a marble in your mouth
and live forever
Fairytale by Michael Channing
fairytales are for children
and children grow into men
men change into corpses
and the earth swallows them in
Glitter by Michael Channing
when the sandman shakes his dust
she closes her eyes
opens her thighs
and gives in to her lust
You Won't Come
You Won't Come by Michael Channing
there's a young girl in a corner bar
drinking to keep herself warm
for a soft bed and sweet word
she'll let you take her home
Make It Shine
Make It Shine by Michael Channing
ma, i know there's something
at the end of this road
something secret and strange
my father couldn't hold
i'm gonna find it, and make it mine
Freaks by Michael Channing
come to see your dad, son
i've got some new games to play
look at all i brought you
put your old toys away
When the Ravens Took Flight
When the Ravens Took Flight by Michael Channing
it was just after dusk
when we left from our house
and drove out over the tracks
i tried to contain
my tears and my prayers
as daddy drove toward his fix
Wish I Was There
Wish I Was There by Michael Channing
another wife faces the floor again
and i wish i was there
another fist enters her mouth
and i wish i was there
Jack by Michael Channing
jack says i'm losing faith
in home mom and apple pie
jack says i'm losing faith
in peace and love so all of you die
Chameleon by Michael Channing
hang your coat above the hearth
or roll your sleeve down over your heart
sometimes i need to be someone else
could you be me
Back Then
Back Then by Michael Channing
back then
you were alive and no one knew
back then
you were alone and no one cared
From the Ditch
From the Ditch by Michael Channing
she wears the same disguise
clean and pressed sensible sunday best
ready with a handshake and a smile
yes ma'am thank you sir
she blends in well and no one knows
her secret face
but me
Liner Notes

Album Review
Michael Channing in makeup, in love with his bass and himself
Michael Channing crossed by streams of power
Michael Channing receives visitors from the other side

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