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Live Forever

Michael Channing

wave a circle with a sparkler
on the fourth of july
shake a jar of fireflies

pin a towel 'round your neck
and jump off the barn
tie your brother up with yarn

spin twice 'round the gate
and spit in your hand
scratch your name in the sand

don't fear the gathering storm
shake off the thunder
dry off the rain
and live forever

put a snake in your pocket
break bottles by the tracks
don't step on any cracks

sneak out to the graveyard
with a hammer and a stake
drown the moon in the lake

sing down the snow
and laugh till it hurts
burry soldiers in the dirt

save all the crickets
but smush all the spiders
ask mom if there's another baby inside her

hold tight to the tire swing
keep your fingers crossed
and a marble in your mouth
and live forever

Live Forever

Hold Tight to the Tire Swing

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